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Win more jobs on freelancer websites with this easy to use checklist.

Win more jobs on freelancer websites with this easy to use checklist.

The Freelancer Alliance is an instantly downloadable resource that helps you win more work on websites like, UpWork, Guru, and People Per Hour.

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Learn from the real experiences of other successful freelancers.
Discover what makes clients choose some freelancers over others.
And use this information to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Here's how to beat the challenges
most freelancers face:

Here are the most common problems that professionals just like you
are facing in today’s competitive freelance environment:

Win more jobs in competitive bidding environments

Sharpen your freelance sales skills & business acumen

Establish a stronger reputation as a better freelancer

Problem: You can't win enough work on competitive sites like Freelancer, UpWork, Guru or PeoplePerHour.

The Freelancer Alliance helps you win more work by showing you how to:

Appear more hireable than other freelancers, 
Address the spoken and unspoken requirements of each task you’re bidding on… so you get a competitive advantage,
Write powerful bids that get you noticed, and
Sell the powerful value you provide as a freelancer.

This is explained in a clear, easy to use format called the CCTP “Bid Success” Methodology.

Common problems experienced by freelancers across the globe:

Here's how The Freelancer Alliance 
solves these problems:

Problem: Other freelancers get higher ratings or better feedback than you.

The Freelancer Alliance helps you get higher ratings and better feedback by showing you how to:

Provide better value to your clients, 
Communicate more effectively, and
Offer unforgettable service

…all of which adds up to happier clients, better ratings, and better feedback.

The Freelancer Alliance helps you achieve a better professional status by showing you how to:

Provide better value to your clients, 
Communicate more effectively, and
Offer unforgettable service

… all so you appear more ‘hirable’ than other freelancers, even if they have more skills or experience than you.

Problem: You can’t seem to make yourself ‘stand out’ from other freelancers.

Win more jobs on freelancer websites with this easy to use checklist.

Here’s how The Freelancer Alliance
gives you a competitive advantage:

You’ll access dozens of instantly useable strategies and tactics inside the CCTP “Bid Success” Methodology training... that shows you, step-by-step, how to win more work on freelancer websites like Freelancer, UpWork, Guru, and PeoplePerHour.

You’ll learn how other successful freelancers win work by reading through detailed one-on-one freelancer interviews with popular freelancers from across the globe. Examine their job-winning strategies and adapt them for your own use.

You’ll understand how experienced clients and hirers evaluate and choose freelancers like you by reading through detailed one-on-one client interviews. Use their feedback and insights to adapt your own marketing, bidding, and communication processes so you win more work, more often.

You’ll sharpen your general business acumen by getting access to a comprehensive 125,000+ word business skills library.

Win more jobs on freelancer websites with this easy to use checklist.

Learn valuable freelancer skills, business acumen, and productivity tips & tricks via the Skills Library. 

Inside The Freelancer Alliance, you’ll access twenty licensed or exclusive articles, containing a combined total of over 125,000 words, designed to improve your freelancer skills and business acumen. Titles include:

Secrets Of Entrepreneurial Motivation - 16639 Words
Time Hacks & Productivity Boosters For Online Entrepreneurs - 5715 Words
97 Etiquette Tips For Online Entrepreneurs - 4936 Words
Efficiency, Willpower & Organisation Skills Used By Successful Online Entrepreneurs - 6477 Words
Essential Entrepreneurial Skills - 5446 Words
How To Grow Your Professional Network - 6064 Words
Dealing With Difficult People - 6911 Words
Drive - Developing Willpower - 5139 Words
How To Make Lasting First Impressions (For Online Business Owners) - 3095 Words
Entrepreneur's Guide To Dealing With Stress - 5468 Words
How To Care For Your Health To Improve Your Success - 4903 Words
Email List Building Basics - 4635 Words 
Brain Training - 7022 Words
How To Create Compelling Content - 8309 Words
How To Focus For Peak Performance (And Take Control Of Your Life Goals) - 6585 Words
Presentation Skills - How To Give An Unforgettable Public Presentation - 5149 Words
Sales Funnel Basics: Converting Traffic Into Customers - 3210 Words
Beast Mode - Getting Motivated - 4809 Words
14-Step Social Media Strategy For Sales Lead Generation - 13814 Words
Daily Social Media Management Guide - 1000 Words

Win more jobs on freelancer websites with this easy to use checklist.

Unlock job-winning skills of the most elite freelancers by watching the CCTP “Bid Success” Methodology video training

The 90-minute CCTP “Bid Success” Methodology video training uncovers the four ‘lenses’ you MUST address when you’re bidding on work in a competitive freelance environment:

How to be better than your Competition (C) 
How to appeal to the needs of your Clients (C)
How to successfully respond to Tasks (T)
How to Position yourself as a professional, successful freelancer (P)

You can also use this framework outside of the tactical bidding environment, to improve your general offering as a freelancer.

The Freelancer Alliance contains sales and marketing strategies and tactics that will help you to:

Understand what you should do and more importantly what you shouldn’t do when selling yourself (so you win more work),
Sell the unique value you provide, and
Understand why you need to focus on the CLIENT instead of YOURSELF when you’re selling your services…

…so you speak directly to the needs of your potential clients, instead of providing a boring ‘about me' sales pitch.

Problem: You are not confident when selling yourself or your freelance skills, which slows down your success rate.

In the CCTP "Bid Success" Methodology video training you’ll discover:

Why you need to examine your competition very, very closely… and a five-step process for analysing them… with one goal in mind: to be BETTER than them.

Five clever “reconnaissance” tactics you can use to *really* understand how good (or bad) your competitors really are.

Six ways you can improve your professional service offering, so you rise FAR above your competitors.

Seven instantly useable tactics you can use in the competitive bidding process to make YOUR bid shine above all others.

Dominate Your Competition

In the CCTP "Bid Success" Methodology video training you’ll discover:

Eight CRITICAL things potential clients are *really* looking for when they post a job ad on a freelancer website - and how YOU can address these unspoken things, to position yourself as the strongest and most suitable applicant for the job.

A VERY valuable insight into client psychology - and how you should ACT and WRITE so you appeal to the strongest emotions your potential clients might be feeling about you.

Three powerful ways you can reduce the amount of RISK potential clients might feel when they consider working with you. If you can reduce this risk, you’ll increase the strength of your application.

Four ways to create a strong emotional connection with your potential clients - remember, we “do business with those we like and trust”.


Win The Hearts & Minds Of Your Clients

In the CCTP "Bid Success" Methodology video training you’ll discover:

A simple but powerful six-step bid formula you can follow EVERY time you write a bid… that will get the attention of the client, differentiate YOU from your COMPETITORS, proactively overcome objections, sell your VALUE, and seal the deal.

The NUMBER ONE BIGGEST mistake 90% of freelancers make during the bid process, that almost instantly disqualifies them from the competitive bidding environment.

Five proactive questions you can ask during a chat session with a potential client that will position you as a thorough, professional freelancer… and earn you significant respect.

The quality and style of writing you MUST maintain if you want to demonstrate a professional image to your potential clients.

Five POWERFUL tips that will almost instantly improve the quality of the bids you write.

Seven essential things you MUST demonstrate during ANY competitive bidding process, if you want to win the job.

Win More Tasks, More Often

In the CCTP "Bid Success" Methodology video training you’ll discover:

How to describe your professional offering in a way that makes clients SEEK YOU out, not vice versa.

How a small change in the way you describe your services can make a HUGE difference in the amount of work you win.

The 12 types of “positioning collateral’ you must use to communicate to potential clients that you are a SERIOUS and SKILLED freelancer who’ll undoubtedly produce a professional result, every time.

Five powerful (but simple) strategies for differentiating yourself from your competition.

Why solving problems or providing outcomes is more powerful than offering “services” or “products”.

Position Yourself As A Skilled Freelancer

Win more jobs on freelancer websites with this easy to use checklist.

Learn directly from the best...
Read real interviews with successful freelancers and experienced clients.

Sometimes the best way to learn new skills is via learning from an experienced mentor. We've interviewed some of the most experienced clients and freelancers and have made transcripts of the interviews available for you to read and analyse.

Use this valuable crowdsourced information to improve your job-winning tactics. Treat each interviewee as your mentor – as you learn from their experiences, mistakes, wins and fails.

You'll have access to 10 x freelancer interviews, and 2 x client interviews

Win more jobs on freelancer websites with this easy to use checklist.

Hear more about my dedication to helping global freelancers (like you) get results

Here's some of my feedback on

Freelancer Alliance founder Ben Sweetlove has experience selecting, hiring and training successful freelancers from countries across the globe.

“My mission is to help freelancers and independent contractors from countries around the world get more work by improving their sales strategy, communication skills and business acumen. In other words, it’s my vision to help entrepreneurs like you win more jobs, make more money and continue to power our modern global workplace.”

Get access to an armoury of tactics, strategies, and insights used by successful freelancers.

Win more jobs on freelancer websites with this easy to use checklist.

"I want you to get career-improving value from your investment, OR you’ll get your money back... guaranteed."

My mission is to improve your ability to win more freelance work. So, if you put the effort in, and don’t change your freelancer career for the better, I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

In other words, I’m so certain these strategies will work that I’m offering a no-questions-asked 60 day money back guarantee.

This means you can trial the strategies in The Freelancer Alliance for 60 days - and if you DON’T improve your ability to win more work on freelancer websites, I’ll give you a refund.

Win more jobs on freelancer websites with this easy to use checklist.

Smart freelancers could generate thousands of dollars of work with this information. 

Remember, you'll have access to:

This could be a better investment than a university degree.

Step Three: Read through the Freelancer/ Client surveys, and the Strategy Library

Read through the Freelancer and Client surveys, and the comprehensive Strategy Library to gain valuable insights and information into how to become a better freelancer.


Step Four: NEVER STOP improving your personal sales skills

Remember, you must NEVER stop learning how to sell your skills as a freelancer. Your success as a freelancer, and therefore your quality of life, depends on it. You must strive to make yourself better and better, day in, day out. Remember, it’s my mission to help you improve your sales skills and win more work as a freelancer. It brings me great satisfaction and happiness seeing freelancers like you succeed.

The choice is yours. Continue as you are now, or take control and boost your freelancing to the next level.

To Your Success As A Global Freelancer, And To The Success Of The Global Workforce,

> Get Instant Access Now For Only US$77

P.S. Remember – it’s my goal to help freelancers and independent contractors from countries around the world get more work by improving their sales strategy, communication skills and business acumen. If you don’t succeed? Ask for your money back. This is my mission, so the risk is all mine. Go get started here.



Ben Sweetlove
The Freelancer Alliance

And if these three tools don't work, just ask for your money back. 

You'll access an information-rich Freelancer Knowledge training video, containing information about the four lenses you need to address to win more work in the competitive bidding environment. The video can be downloaded onto your own computer (and watched with a free video player like VLC), or streamed live. You'll also have access to a PDF transcript, MP3 audio version, and a PDF of the slides. PDFs can be viewed with a free viewer called Adobe Acrobat.

The Freelancer Alliance comes with a no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee… which means you can take it for a test drive for practically zero risk. Don’t like it? Ask for a refund. Doesn’t work for you? Ask for a refund.

You'll access one-on-one PDF interviews with other successful freelancers. Swipe their strategies and use them for yourself.

You'll access one-on-one PDF interviews with experienced clients and hirers. Learn how they evaluate and choose freelancers like you. Use their feedback and insights to adapt your own marketing, bidding, and communication processes so you win more work, more often. PDFs can be viewed with a free viewer called Adobe Acrobat.

You'll access a comprehensive, 125,000 word business skills library... spanning over 20 PDF documents. Sharpen your general business acumen and learn valuable skills. PDFs can be viewed with a free viewer called Adobe Acrobat.

1. Video Training

2. Interviews

3. Strategy Library



Step One: Watch, read, or listen to the 90-minute webinar.

You can choose to watch the video, read the transcript, listen to the audio or read the PDF of the slides. This will trigger some ‘aha’ moments for you... becuase you'll have access to new job-winning strategies you can use immediately.


Step Two: GET OUT into the competitive bidding environment and start competing for work.

Put the strategies and tactics from The Freelancer Alliance to work straight away. Use the CCTP “Bid Success” Methodology to:

Here's what I suggest you do... as soon as you have access:  

Backed By An Unconditional 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

(The risk is all mine)

Start meeting the real needs of your clients,
Start writing higher quality bids,
Start appearing more professional and higher quality than your competition, and
Start winning more work.

(Download files instantly, 60-day money back guarantee)

So ask yourself:

How important is your ability to win more freelance work? Would you invest a risk-free amount of US$77 if it meant you could improve your freelancer business development skills, tap into the knowledge of other successful freelancers, and win more freelance work?

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